Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dim Sum

When entertaining, I used to always make most the food from scratch. From the salads to the appetizers to main course and dessert, it got quite time consuming. I would start all of the prep work the night before and be tired by the time the guests arrived. For instance, dim sum items such as spring rolls would all be rolled the night before.

To save time, I started to keep things simple by finding creative and easy appetizers for a party. It led me to start purchasing frozen appetizers so that I could just pop them in the oven just before guests would arrive. That way, I wasn't as exhausted and could talk more with my guests.

I found a box of frozen premade dim sum appetizers at Costco which had a variety of four different items and decided to try them out. They are similar to something I would usually serve as part of the appetizers during a get together and they ended up being quite tasty and easy to bake too. I served them alongside veggies with dip and had a lot more time to relax!

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