Thursday, February 9, 2012

What to Pack in a School Lunch

I often find myself wondering what to pack in a school lunch. Not for myself of course, but for my preschooler. She is somewhat picky when it comes to what she will or will not eat at school. I find that I end up packing a lot of healthy snacks for her instead of the typical sandwich, snack and treat. Tree nuts are not allowed into the school at all which unfortunately means, no peanut butter sandwiches.

I always make sure there are whole grains in her lunch either in the form of crackers or bread. Generally crackers and cheese are a favorite of hers so I include those in her lunch along with whole grain bread cut into 4 little squares, hoping that they get eaten with some cheese sandwiched in between. As for vegetables, cucumber and broccoli are the only ones that she will eat raw, and I don't feel too comfortable packing those in her lunch considering they will not be refridgerated. Therefore, I always have veggie chips on hand so I can add those to the lunch bag. I add an apple as well along with a small portion of sunflower butter.

I always keep a look out for other interesting lunchable foods while at the grocery store, but for now, I just make sure she has a full and hearty breakfast and then a mini meal instead of a snack when she gets home from school.

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