Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frozen Pizza

We like to make fresh homemade pizza at home, but sometimes there just isn't enough time for it. That's why I usually keep a frozen pizza in the freezer for when we have really busy days. I haven't quite found one that I really enjoy yet, but I am going to keep trying different ones, and maybe one of these days I will find an amazing one. I find that most of the storebought freezer pizzas are salty and the crust is usually terrible. I imagine it's quite difficult to make a good quality frozen pizza, but maybe one of the food companies will come up with one soon. (Or maybe, the best frozen pizzas already exist and I just have yet to discover them) Lol. I'm sure the worst frozen pizza exists too. Hopefully I don't discover one of those.
Maybe I should try making homemade frozen pizza and see how that turns out.

I'd love to hear of the best tasting frozen pizza you've had or perhaps a good frozen pizza dough recipe if you have one. Feel free to comment!

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Keeley McGuire said...

Visiting from the Tuesday Hop! :)

Our fave frozen kind is Digiorno Garlic Bread Pizza. The pizza is delish and the crust is like a yummy bread stick. (If you like garlic, lol).

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