Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strawberries with Milk and Sugar

Strawberries are so delicious on their own, but when I want a special treat, I top them off with condensed milk and turbanado sugar. It adds that extra sweetness and creamy flavor that goes so well with strawberries.

It is a really quick and easy dessert to make as well if you don't have too much time to bake and need something to serve after dinner.

You just hull some fresh strawberries and wash them. Then you cut them into slices and put them into individual bowls an top with a spoonful of condensed milk and turbanado sugar which adds a nice sweet crunch.

Instead of turbanado sugar, you can just use a bit of regular white sugar or skip the sugar all together since the condensed milk is already quite sweet. I just like the texture and crunch it adds to each bite.

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Anonymous said...

Yum! This will make a really good breakfast! :)
Much Love,
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