Friday, March 25, 2011

Pretty Pancake Breakfast

These were some delicious pancakes I made for breakfast the other day. I added fruit skewers, melted chocolate and whipped cream to make them more like a treat. :)

I just used the fruit I had in my refridgerator which were kiwis, strawberries and pineapples. Bananas, other berries, and exotic fruits such as mangos and papayas would be great as well!

I cut some of the pancakes into flower shapes and made mini skewers (I used long toothpicks instead of the long skewer sticks for these) and served it with vanilla yogurt for a kid friendly, healthier variety of the same breakfast. *Remember to be careful with the toothpicks if the kids are really young! I took them off of the toothpicks when the kids were ready to eat.

I just love to make pancakes and actually used this amazing waffle recipe I found at Joy of Baking. I sometimes like to make waffles, but thought I would keep it simple this time. Pancakes seem faster to make and are a little less messy, because I tend to make a mess of my Belgian Waffle Makerwhen I use it. I have used that same recipe for waffles before and they turned out fluffy and really delicious.

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Silver said...

wow it looks yummy! this is a healthy breakfast.

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