Friday, April 15, 2011

My Favorite Comfort Food........ A Turkey Dinner

There aren't many meals that are better than a good old turkey dinner. Usually we have turkey for special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, but nowadays they sell turkey legs or turkey meat in smaller portions at the grocery store. It makes it easy to just pick up whichever I prefer and roast it for a bit in the the oven.

The corn and beans are always easy to prepare especially when purchased frozen or canned. For the gravy, I usually freeze some from the holidays and can use that, but canned gravy or gravy mix are good options as well.

Stuffing can be of the instant variety too, since my thoughts are comfort food shouldn't require too much work. I almost always make the mashed potatoes from scratch though since they are easy to make.

There it is. An easy, comforting meal on just any regular weeknight. What is your favorite comfort food? Feel free to comment below.

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